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Map of Cambodia

Map of Cambodia.
flag of the Kingdom of Cambodia

Kingdom of Cambodia

Relations with New Zealand


The bilateral relationship between New Zealand and Cambodia is limited in scope, but constructive. New Zealand was involved in the peace process following the end of Khmer Rouge rule and in 1993 provided its then-largest peacekeeping force (over 100 military personnel) to the UN peacekeeping mission (UNTAC) in Cambodia. There is a steady but small trade relationship, and a considerable flow of New Zealand tourists to Cambodia.

After years of conflict, Cambodia is struggling to rebuild many of the economic, social and physical foundations needed to ensure future growth and development. The Government is providing political stability and economic growth, but Cambodia remains one of Asia’s least developed countries.


Bilateral links

Trade and economic relationship

Bilateral trade is modest, with exports to Cambodia totalling NZ$5.2 million and imports from Cambodia sitting at NZ$6.8 million. Apparel comprises almost half of all imports while exports are dominated by paper and edible preparations of meat.

New Zealand consultancy companies are active in Cambodia, and have been carrying out a range of contracts in water supply and sanitation, resource management, civil engineering and other areas.

In November 2010 Cambodia ratified its participation in the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement which provides a strong basis for development of the trade relationship.

New Zealand Trade (year ended Dec 2012)


NZ’s 114th largest trading partner

NZ Exports

NZ$5.2 million (FOB)

Main exports

Paper & Paperboard & Articles  ($0.9m);  Edible Preparations Of Meat, Fish, Crustaceans ($0.9m);  Optic, Photo, Medic Or Surgical Instruments ($0.5m)

NZ Imports

NZ$6.8 million (CIF)

Main imports

Apparel Articles And Accessories (knit and crochet) ($1.9m);  Footwear($1.7m); Apparel Articles and Accessories (not knit and crochet) ($1.2m); Vehicles ($1.1m)

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Political and cultural links


New Zealand has received a considerable number of Cambodian settlers over the years, both as refugees since 1980 and migrants in more recent years.

As Cambodia develops and enters the global economy an increasing number of Cambodians are looking to travel, study overseas and resettle with family who left during and after the Khmer Rouge years.


An increasing number of New Zealand tourists are travelling to Cambodia now. The Angkor Wat ruins in the northwest are a particular point of interest. 

The number of Cambodian tourists coming to New Zealand is negligible. Most Cambodian arrivals come to visit family or friends or to study.


New Zealand has a strong aid relationship with Cambodia that focuses on supporting sustainable economic development by improving livelihoods through human resource development, agricultural diplomacy and tourism.

Under the New Zealand – ASEAN Flagships, launched in July 2010, Cambodia will benefit from the New Zealand ASEAN Scholars awards, Agricultural Diplomacy programme, Disaster Risk Management programme and a Young Business Leaders’ Initiative.

Under the New Zealand ASEAN Scholars awards a nominal allocation of 30 post-graduate scholarships is available to Cambodian students per annum. Cambodia also participates in the English Language Training for Officials (ELTO) and Senior ELTO programmes.

New Zealand supports the improvement of agribusiness through the Cambodia Agribusiness Development Facility (CADF) and the Agricultural Value Chain Strengthening in Landmine-Affected Areas of Cambodia (AVAiL) Project.  It supports increased access to livelihood opportunities for Angkor Park communities through APSARA, the government agency responsible for managing the Angkor Heritage Park.

Cambodia also benefits from other regional initiatives supported by the New Zealand Aid Programme, such as the Mekong Institute.  This includes the Mekong Institute–New Zealand Ambassador’s Scholarships and the United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking (UNIAP) that works to combat human trafficking in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

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Regional and multilateral links

Our leaders, ministers and officials meet regularly with their Cambodian counterparts in multilateral and regional fora. These include the United Nations, the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the Asia-Pacific Economic Community (APEC), the East Asia Summit (EAS), the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF, where New Zealand has dialogue partner status), and the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM).

New Zealand has given over NZ$1 million to support the UN-managed Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), the tribunal set up to try former leaders of the Khmer Rouge for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Former New Zealand Governor General Dame Sylvia Cartwright is one of the international judges appointed to the ECCC.

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The Embassy of the Royal Government of Cambodia in Canberra is accredited to New Zealand.

Royal Government of Cambodia
5 Canterbury Crescent
ACT 2600

Ph: (61 6) 6273 1154, 6273 1259
Fax: (61 6) 6273 1053

The New Zealand Embassy in Bangkok (Thailand) is accredited to Cambodia.

New Zealand Embassy
M Thai Tower, 14th Floor
All Seasons Place, 87 Wireless Road
Lumpini, Bangkok 10330
(PO Box 2719, Bangkok 10500)

Ph: (66 2) 254 2530
Fax: (66 2) 253 9045
Email: nzembbkk@loxinfo.co.th


Travel advice

The Safetravel website provides a travel advisory for travellers to Cambodia [external link].

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