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Map of Germany

Map of Germany.
flag of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Federal Republic of Germany

Bilateral relationship

Political relations

New Zealand’s relationship with Germany is in very good shape. Germany is an influential member of the EU and G20 and a key player in the full range of UN and other multilateral fora. Germany and New Zealand share many common values and perspectives, and cooperate on a wide range of international issues, including in the fields of disarmament, security and the environment. We also have a long history of cooperation on issues relating to the Pacific. In 2013 we celebrated 60 years of diplomatic relations.

Trade relations

Germany is a key economic trading partner for New Zealand. The New Zealand export figure for the 2013 June year was NZ$716 million, the same as the 2012 June year. But that excludes over $100m worth of kiwifruit and apples (which enter via other EU countries). Agricultural products dominate: Germany has been our largest international market for venison and third largest for sheep meat. We import slightly over NZ$2 billion in products from Germany, mainly motor vehicles and mechanical equipment.

The Berlin Embassy, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) Hamburg, and other agencies including the Ministry of Education, Tourism New Zealand, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, and Immigration New Zealand, take a coordinated ‘NZ Inc.’ approach to developing German market opportunities. NZTE works closely with New Zealand companies to position our country as a trusted supplier of quality high value products and services in a range of areas from food and beverage and consumer goods to knowledge intensive manufacturing and software solutions. Key sectors include healthcare, clean technologies and wine.



Key facts


Land Area: 356,970 sq km
Population: 81 million (2013)
Capital City: Berlin
Language: German


Political system: Federal Republic of 16 states (Länder), each with own constitution, legislature and government.
National government: `Grand coalition´ of CDU/CSU (Conservatives) and SPD (Social Democrats).
National legislature: Bicameral Federal Assembly: Bundestag (lower house) of 631 members, elected under an MMP system. Bundesrat (upper house) of 69 members, nominated by state governments.
Last election: September 2013
Next election due: September 2017
Head of State: Joachim Gauck (since January 2012)
Head of Government: Dr Angela Merkel (since November 2005)

Economic (2013 figures)

GDP: US$3627 billion
Real GDP growth: 0.5%
Exports: US$1494 billion
Main exports: Machinery & transport equipment, other manufactured products, chemicals
Imports: US$1236 billion
Current account balance: US$256 billion
Inflation: 1.6% (November 2013)
Unemployment: 5.3%

New Zealand Trade (year ended 30 June 2013)

NZ Exports (FOB): NZ$716 million
Main Exports: Sheep meat, casein, whey & milk constituents.
NZ Imports (CIF): NZ$2,067 million
Main Imports: Motor vehicles, retail medicines, tractors.

NB: New Zealand’s official trade statistics for exports to Germany do not include more than NZ$100 million in kiwifruit and apples that are transhipped to Germany from elsewhere in the EU.top of page



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Travel advice

The Safetravel website provides a travel advisory for travellers to Germany [external link].

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