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Map of Sweden

Map of Sweden.
flag of the Kingdom of Sweden.

Kingdom of Sweden

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Key facts


Land Area - 450,000 sq km, of which 9% water, 8% agricultural, and 52% forest
Population - 9.43 million
Capital City- Stockholm
Language - Swedish. Finnish and Sami are used by minorities in the north


Political system - Constitutional monarchy, 4 year term of government
National government- Alliance for Sweden (Moderate, Centre, Liberal and Christian Democrat parties). The Alliance lacks an overall majority.
National legislature - Riksdag (unicameral)
Last election - September 2010
Next election due - September 2014
Head of State - His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf
Head of Government - Mr Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister

Economic (2011 figures)

GDP - US$538.4 bn
Real GDP growth - 4%
Exports - US$189 bn
Main exports - Machinery and transport equipment, chemicals and related products, mineral fuels, lubricants and related materials, raw materials
Imports - US$176 bn
Current account balance - US$38.3bn
Inflation - 3%
Unemployment - 7.5%

New Zealand Trade (year ended December 2011)

NZ Exports (FOB) - NZ$70 million
Main Exports - sheep meat, wine, fish
NZ Imports (CIF) - NZ$283 million
Main Imports - Medicaments, bulldozers, graders etc, motor vehicles

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New Zealand Ministerial Visits to Sweden

Swedish Ministerial Visits to New Zealand

*For the memorial service for Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh.

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Travel advice

The Safetravel website provides a travel advisory for travellers to Sweden [external link].

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