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Map of Canada

Map of Canada.
flag of Canada.


Winter at Parliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada
Winter at Parliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada

Relationship with New Zealand

New Zealand and Canada have long enjoyed close and friendly relations. Our shared Commonwealth heritage, parliamentary, legal, social and defence traditions, as well as people to people contacts engender a similar world view and we tend to identify with each other’s interests, concerns and values.


Trade and economic links

New Zealand works with Canada in the WTO to further international trade liberalisation and development and to reinforce a sound rules-based system for world trade.  Both countries are also members of APEC.  Canada’s supply management policies, under which certain agricultural products, notably dairy, receive protection are of some concern to New Zealand.  Under these policies, our dairy exports can face high tariffs (250-300%) while beef exports are subject to quotas.

Canada is also a high value added market for other New Zealand exports, including specialised manufacturing, ICT, and other food products as well as being a growing market for trade and investment opportunities. Key areas of further opportunity are: health IT; wood/building products; agile technology – ICT, specialised manufacturing and clean technology; specialty food & beverages; and agritech. There is also scope to increase collaboration in research, science and technology in these areas.

New Zealand has been identified as a priority market under Canada’s Global Commerce Strategy. The priority sectors are biotechnology, agri-technology, ICT, environmental technology and health industries.

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Key facts

Geography and demographics

Land Area - 9,984,670 sq km
Population - 35.1 million (April 2013)
Capital City - Ottawa
Official Languages - English, French


Political system - Canada is a confederation with a parliamentary democracy.
Federal government - Majority Government - Conservative Party.
Federal legislature - The bicameral Parliament consisting of a 308 member House of Commons elected on the basis of universal adult suffrage and a 105 appointed member Senate members appointed by the Governor General with the advice of the PM.
Last election – 2 May 2011
Next election due - October 2015
Head of State - Queen Elizabeth II is represented by the Governor General, His Excellency Mr David Johnston, who was sworn in October 1, 2010.
Head of Government - Prime Minister Stephen Harper (since 6 February 2006)


Economic (2013)


US$1.825 billion

GDP Growth


GDP per capita



US$465 billion

main exports

Petroleum and energy products (24%), motor vehicles and parts (14.2%), metals including gold (11%)


US$472 billion

MAIN imports

Consumer goods (20%), motor vehicles and parts (18%), electrical and electronic equipment (12%)



New Zealand Trade

exports (foB)


main exports

Meat, wine, machinery

imports (cif)


main imports

Machinery, fertilisers, aircraft


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Recent high level New Zealand visits to Canada


Recent high level Canadian visits to New Zealand




Travel advice

The Safe Travel website provides a travel advisory for travel to Canada. Canada has a visa waiver programme with New Zealand, which allows short term visits to Canada by New Zealand passport holders. However, business visitors to Canada should check with Canadian authorities regarding visitor visa requirements. Information can be found on the High Commission of Canada in Australia website.

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