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NZ Inc India strategy Publication

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NZ Inc strategies

About NZ Inc strategies

What are NZ Inc strategies?

The strategies are plans of action for strengthening New Zealand’s economic, political and security relationships with key international partners.  They target countries and regions where New Zealand has existing or emerging relationships, and there is potential for significant growth.  The strategies look at the future possibilities in these markets over the next 10-15 years, then set ambitious, five-year goals, as well as the steps the Government will take, often working with business, to achieve them.

The strategies are about growing our trade and investment relationships.  The government also wants strong political relationships with these countries and regions, and to improve security, in the Asia Pacific and beyond.  The strategies also look to harness and build on the personal and cultural links that exist between people and communities in New Zealand and other countries.

India and China are the first NZ Inc strategies, with strategies for five other countries and regions to come – the US, Australia, ASEAN, the Gulf Cooperation Council and Europe.

The Government wants to deploy its resources strategically, to help New Zealand businesses succeed internationally.  Many New Zealand public sector agencies work in this space.  An overarching objective for the NZ Inc strategies is to achieve better alignment and coordination among these agencies, so they are more effective and efficient, including in the support services they provide to business

The strategies support the Government’s priorities of building a more productive and competitive economy, and delivering better public services.  They will play an important role in building exports in the government’s Business Growth Agenda.

Read more about the Government’s Business Growth Agenda.

Who is involved?

All government agencies that work in and with other countries are involved in developing and implementing the strategies.  Their work is overseen by a permanent steering group of Chief Executives chaired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Chief Executive.

To be a success, the strategies must target New Zealand business interests.  Agencies are therefore working closely with businesses of all sizes and from different sectors on the strategies.  Engagement occurs in a variety of ways, including one-on-one interviews with businesses to hear about their priorities, workshops around the country to test goals and action plans, and road shows to raise awareness of opportunities.

Contact us

We welcome your involvement in the strategies. Please get in touch with any feedback and queries.


Any email correspondence can be sent to the NZ Inc Strategies Secretariat:

+ 64 4 439 7301

Postal address
NZ Inc Secretariat
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Private Bag 18-901
Wellington 5045
New Zealand

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