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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade works to make New Zealand's voice heard overseas and contributes directly to the security and well-being of all New Zealanders.

Trade Commissioner Peter Lund opens a Fiji water project. Photo: Monika Mala

New Zealand UN Security Council Candidate 2015-16 | www.nzunsc.govt.nz

New Zealand United Nations Security Council Candidate

New Zealand is seeking a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council in 2015-16.
See the NZUNSC website for more information.

United Nations Handbook 2014-15

United Nations Handbook 2014-15

The United Nations Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the UN system and how it works. The handbook summarises all UN organisations and provides essential information about their aims, structures, and membership. Read more

New Zealand congratulates Samoa on a successful SIDS conference

During the September conference, 297 partnerships between governments, businesses, civil society and United Nations entities were announced. Read more

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The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme

The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme aims to discover, celebrate and support young people from every corner of the Commonwealth to transform their own lives and the futures of others around them. Read more