Our aid programme in Fiji invests in developing agriculture, achieving a more highly skilled and educated workforce, building links between our institutions, and supporting democracy.

New Zealand boosted the development programme in Fiji during the lead up to the successful democratic elections in late 2014.

Graphic showing total for Fiji 2015-16

Total aid to Fiji is made up of programme funding for activities specific to Fiji, as well as other funding which can include scholarships, regional initiatives, activities supported through the Partnerships Fund, and humanitarian response. 

What we're supporting

We're working closely with the Fiji Government and local agencies on several aid activities.

Priority Activities and outcomes

Increase economic and food security benefits from agriculture

Lifting dairy milk production in the Fijian milk dairy industry through training, introducing new farming techniques, stock and feed, improving milk processing and farmer support services, and investing in infrastructure

Improve knowledge, skills and basic education

Supporting the Fiji Higher Education Commission’s efforts to set qualification standards, regulate the performance of education/training providers, and improve the quality of training courses.

Supporting Fijian students to undertake tertiary training in New Zealand, so they can contribute to their country’s development. In 2015/16 we plan to invest $1.2 million in Fijian scholars.

Economic governance
Strengthen economic governance
Supporting professional ties between New Zealand and Fiji organisations to build capability and capacity. This includes building on the NZ Electoral Commission relationship with Fiji elections bodies, and continuing assistance to the Fiji Parliament Support Project that includes exchanges between the New Zealand and Fiji parliaments.

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Recent achievements

Priority  Achievement

Strengthen democratic governance


Supported a successful election by assisting with preparations, and observing the election. The election was a major milestone that has paved the way for Fiji’s return to parliamentary democracy.

Supported the re-establishment and strengthening of the Fiji Parliament. New Zealand is a major funder of the Fiji Parliament Support Project led by the United Nations Development Programme. This initiative involved refurbishing the debating chamber, providing technical assistance, and training for MPs and staff.

Human development  
Improve living conditions

Built 134 houses in the Koroipita subdivision as part of the Rotahomes Informal Housing Project. This project also helped complete the building of the community hall and established roads, drains, a sewer system, and water and electricity services.