Our scholarships are offered for subjects in priority sectors that are relevant to the development needs of your country.

This is so you can contribute to making a real and positive difference to your country when you return home at the end of your scholarship.

The priority sectors are also where New Zealand has expertise. For example, New Zealand is known for innovation and expertise in agriculture, renewable energy, disaster risk management, public sector management, and innovative business.

  • Read the information on your country page for the priority sectors for your country.
  • Read the information in Types of Scholarships to decide which level of qualifications are available for you.
  • For some countries, only postgraduate scholarships are available, and for other countries both undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships are available.

Examples of qualifications/courses

Below are some examples of qualifications in the various priority sectors that may be relevant to you.

These lists are intended to give New Zealand Scholarship applicants a sense of the range of courses that could align with a priority sector that you are interested in. These are not comprehensive lists of courses we fund, but are indicative of some of the qualifications you may wish to explore. Please check institution websites for their full range of courses and up-to-date information. 

You must do your own research on what could be the best programmes of study for you and your country's development needs.

Find a course

Search the Study in New Zealand website (external link).

Check institutions' websites

Find out more about qualifications on the websites of New Zealand institutions, listed on Where you can study. Institution websites will have the most up to date information on courses.

You will also want to research which institution is right for you.