This page has policies, templates and guides that our staff use to plan, implement and evaluate aid activities and programmes. They may also be useful tools for people and organisations that are working with us.

Activity management tools

Activity quality

Activity Quality Policy [PDF, 314 KB]

Value for Money Guideline [PDF, 148 KB]

Activity appraisal

Appraising an Activity guideline [PDF, 176 KB]

Activity Design Document (ADD)template [DOCX, 105 KB]

Appraisal template [DOCX, 80 KB]

Activity planning

Activity Planning Policy [PDF, 295 KB]

Market Chain Approach knowledge note [PDF, 287 KB]

Activity implementation

Activity Implementation Policy [PDF, 288 KB]

Activity Reporting Activity Progress Report template [DOC, 144 KB] 

Activity evaluation

Activity Evaluation Policy [PDF, 216 KB]

Evaluation Plan template [PDF, 327 KB]

Evaluation Report template [PDF, 379 KB]

DAC Evaluation Quality Standards [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Activity completion

Activity Completion Policy [PDF, 196 KB]

Activity Completion Report template [DOC, 167 KB]

Reporting against Workplan for Activity Completion Report template [XLS, 54 KB]

Managing for Results

See the Managing for Results Page

Thematic and cross-cutting issues tools

These tools support thematic analysis and integration of cross-cutting issues into programmes and activities.


Environmental and Social Impacts Operational Policy [PDF, 239 KB]

Environmental and Social Impacts Guideline [PDF, 318 KB]

Climate Change Operational Policy [PDF, 203 KB]

This document details the New Zealand Aid Programme’s operational policy for delivering support for addressing climate change and describes how that support is to be recorded and quantified. It is designed to help staff meet the New Zealand Government’s commitment to deliver and track climate change related ODA.  

Human rights

Human Rights Analysis Guideline [PDF, 304 KB]

The guideline assists staff to implement the New Zealand Aid Programme’s approach to human rights as a means to ensure good outcomes and manage risks across development programmes and activites.

Child Rights knowledge note


Gender equality

Gender Analysis Guideline [PDF, 256 KB]

This guideline covers key gender concepts and outlines the methodologies used in gender analysis to assess the differential impact of a programme or activity on females and males and on gender relations.    

Sustainable Economic Development and Gender Equality [PDF, 327 KB]

Humanitarian Relief and Gender Equality knowledge note [PDF, 147 KB]

Agriculture and Gender Equality knowledge note [PDF, 303 KB]

Tourism and Gender Equality knowledge note [PDF, 299 KB]