MFAT is focused on delivering on the Government’s priorities. Our key foreign policy priority is ensuring that New Zealand performs responsibly and credibly on the United Nations Security Council during 2015-16 and maximises gains from membership during the term and afterwards.

The Government’s Business Growth Agenda is also central to the Ministry’s work, requiring continuity as well as refreshed thinking on how to raise exports from 30 to 40% of GDP by 2025.

Seven objectives

We have seven objectives to achieve by 2019. Each of the objectives includes a set of deliverables, which will be the focus of our activity in this period:

  1. Maximise the impact of New Zealand’s membership of the United Nations Security Council
  2. Increase market access, regional economic integration, and improve the international performance of New Zealand businesses 
  3. Embed New Zealand as an integral and trusted partner in the Asia Pacific
  4. Maximise the impact of New Zealand’s engagement in improving the prosperity, stability and resilience of the Pacific Islands region and its people. What happens in the Pacific has a direct bearing on New Zealand’s well-being
  5. Promote sound international solutions on climate change, natural resources and environmental protection
  6. Protect and advance New Zealand’s and New Zealanders’ security
  7. Build robust and enduring organisational capability to deliver strengthened and coherent international engagement.

Read more in our Strategic Intentions 2016 - 2020 [PDF, 2.2 MB]

Organisational improvement priorities

Our current areas of focus for improvement in the Ministry include:
• strengthening the career ministry
• diversity and inclusiveness
• public outreach and stakeholder engagement.