Main contact

Physical address

29 Fitzherbert Terrace
Thorndon 6011

Postal address

Embassy of the United States of America
PO Box 1190
Wellington 6140

Tel | +64 4 462 6000

Fax | +64 4 472 3537

Office hours | Mon-Fri, 8.15 am-5 pm

Staff Details:

His Excellency Mr Scott Brown, Ambassador (28 June 2017)
     Mrs Gail Brown

Ms Susan Niblock, Deputy Chief of Mission

Mr Demian Smith, Counsellor
     Ms Susanne Sell

Col James McAden, Defence Attaché     
     Mrs Kendis McAden

Ms Sarah Hanson, Counsellor (Agriculture) (resident in Canberra)     

Mr Andrew Covington, First Secretary     
     Mrs Elizabeth Covington

Mr Peter Schroeder, First Secretary
     Mrs Caroline Schroeder

Mrs Dolores Prin, First Secretary
     Mr Geoffrey Prin

Mr Nathan Carter, First Secretary (on secondment to MFAT)
     Ms Sarah Spodek

Mr James Johnson, Second Secretary

Ms Lynda Hinds, Second Secretary

Mr Davy Fogler, Second Secretary     
     Mr Robert Weinel

Mr Evan Price, Second Secretary     
     Mrs Christine Price

Mrs Rashelle Simonson, Second Secretary

Mrs Susan Schulde, Attaché     
     Mr Richard Schulde

Ms Rebecca Wagner, Attaché (Political)     
     Mr Phillip Mauck

Mr Michael Shelbourne, Attaché (Political)     
     Mrs Bethany Shelbourne

Ms Jill Burkholder, Attaché (Legal)

Ms Shelagh Sayers, Attaché (Legal)

Mrs Virginia Krause, Attaché
     Mr Douglas Krause

Ms Christina Paul, Attaché (Administration)

Dr Charles Wright, Attaché (Medical) (Resident in Canberra)

Mr Scott Ceier, Attaché (Defence)     
     Mrs Charlotte Ceier

Lt Daniel Brown, Attaché (Defence)     
     Mrs Amanda Brown

Mr Michael Powers, Attaché (Defence)
     Mrs Heather Powers

Mr Geoffrey Halterman, Attaché (Defence)
     Mrs Lisa Halterman

Mr Jim Bing Yang, Attaché (Defence)

Mr Andrew Lake, Attaché (Defence)

Mr James Vachowski, Attaché (Security)     
     Mrs Tracey Vachowski

Mr Gilberto Alvizo, Attaché (Technical) 

Mr Frederick Mecke, Attaché
      Ms Carol Doerflein

Mr Marc Puleo, Attaché     
     Mrs Gabriela Puleo

Mr Nicholas Morin, Attaché     
     Mrs Sharyn Morin

Mr Bryan Allen, Attaché     
     Mrs Huong Nhu Thi Phan-Allen

Mr Anup Shah, Attaché
     Mrs Sona Anup Shah

Mr Terry Vice, Attaché     
     Mrs Leslie Vice

Ms Carla Ann Appel, Attaché

Mr John Sligh, Attaché
     Mrs Michaela Sligh

Mr Gavin Elliott, Attaché
     Ms Le Chen

Mr Gilberto Alvizo, Attaché

Ms Paula Brainard, Attaché

Mr Matthew Reilly, Attaché
     Mrs Christine Reilly

Mr William Purnell, Attaché

Mr Keenen Clerkley, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Mihali Sikoutris, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Jose Garcia, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Dorian Nino, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr James Herrington, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Garrett Obrien, Administrative and Technical Staff





Consulate-General of the United States of America

Address: Level 3, Citibank Centre, 23 Customs Street East, Cnr Commerce Street, Auckland 1010 Postal Address: (Private Bag 92022, Auckland 1142)
Tel:                      (09) 303 2724
Fax:                     (09) 366 0870

Ms Melanie Higgins, Consul-General

Mr Craig Halbmaier, Consul
       Mrs Crystal Halbmaier

Mrs April Scarrow, Consul
       Mr Lowell Scarrow

Ms Natalie Wilkins, Consul
      Mr Thomas Hoaglund

Mr Cavan Fabris, Vice-Consul
       Mrs Jennifer Fabris

Mr Sean McLeod, Vice-Consul
       Mr Brian Muldoon

Mr Nicholas Sottler, Vice-Consul