The China Capable Public Sector (CCPS) programme is a whole-of-government initiative to develop a China savvy public sector with China awareness, knowledge, experience, and leadership both internationally and domestically to engage effectively with China. This exciting initiative is led by MFAT in strong partnership with agency leaders across the public sector.

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China is New Zealand’s second largest trading partner and is different from our traditional trading partners in many respects, including culture, language, and scale.

CCPS aims to develop a China capable pool of talent, both onshore and offshore, through collaborative knowledge sharing forums that foster communities of interest, and open career pathways across agencies and the wider public sector.

Community of practice

A core group of China experts across the sector who can provide advice and guidance to agencies on China issues.

Knowledge transfer

This regular series of speaking events is designed to provide public sector leaders with a range of different insights, perspectives and experiences related to New Zealand’s past, present and future relationship with China.


For public sector practitioners seeking to develop deep insight into the political, economic, security, and cultural aspects of the government-to-government relationship with China and the New Zealand public sector’s role to keep New Zealand prosperous, safe and secure.

Cross-agency forums

Cross-agency forums increase tacit knowledge through the real-time knowledge sharing and discussion on current issues and opportunities between onshore and offshore cross-agency counterparts.