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Physical address

Majestic Centre, Level 18, 100 Willis Street
Wellington 6011

Postal address

Embassy of Japan
PO Box 6340
Marion Square 6141

Tel | (04) 473 1540

Fax | (04) 471 2951

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Office hours | 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri (Chancery, Level18); 9am-4.30pm, Mon-Fri (Consular & Visa Section Level 18);

Staff Details:

His Excellency Mr Toshihisa Takata, Ambassador (15 July 2015)

Mr Kazuhiro Nakai, Minister

Lieutenant Colonel Teruhiko Manabe, Defence & Army Attaché (resident in Canberra)
    Mrs Hirolo Manabe

Lt. Colonel Yuki Kimura, Assistant Defence & Air Attaché (resident in Canberra)
     Mrs Mizuho Kimura.

Commander Shinsuke Amano, Assistant Defence & Naval Attaché (resident in Canberra) 

Mr Shinichi Maruo, First Secretary
    Mrs Hitomi Maruo  

Mr Takashi Kumagai, First Secretary
     Mrs Naoko Kumagai

Mr Atsushi Suto, First Secretary
     Mrs Eri Suto

Mr Kazuhiko Ono, First Secretary
     Mrs Masako Ono

Mr Yusuke Hirata, First Secretary
     Mrs Sayuri Hirata

Ms Noriko Tanaka, First Secretary

Mr Kengo Kaichi, Second Secretary
     Mrs Maki Kaichi

Mr Daiki Watanabe, Third Secretary

Ms Nao Oi, Third Secretary

Mr Yoji Ishii, Administrative and Technical Staff  

Ms Takako Ishigaki, Administrative and Technical Staff

Japan Information and Cultural Centre, Wellington

Street Address: Level 18, The Majestic Centre, 100 Willis Street, Wellington 6011
Postal Address: PO Box 6340, Marion Square, Wellington 6141
Telephone: (04) 472 7807
Facsimile: (04) 472 3416
Website: Embassy of Japan in New Zealand (external link)

Staff Details:

 Mr Kiyohiko Hamada, First Secretary

Consular Office of Japan, Christchurch

Street Address: 12 Peterborough Street, Christchurch, 8013
Postal Address: PO Box 13748, Christchurch 8141
Telephone: (03) 366 5680
Facsimile: (03) 365 3173
Office hours: 9am-12.30pm, 1.30pm-5pm, Mon-Fri
Additional Office hours: 9.30am-12noon; 2pm-4pm, Mon-Fri (Visa/Consular)

Staff Details:

Mr Mitsuru Murase, Consul
     Mrs Chizuru Murase

Mr Masayuki Tsuchikawa, Consul
     Mrs Yoko Tsuchikawa

Ms Kana Yamanishi, Vice-Consul

Mr Tomoshiro Ota, Vice-Consul
     Mrs Naoko Ota

Ms Ayaka Sugiyama, Consular Employee